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CollectorPass MonsterArmy

COLLECTOR PASS is your pass to the MonsterArmy ecosystem. It is your EXCLUSIVE GARANTEE to get a FREE NFT from the next new MonsterArmy NFTs series.


Every other day, new NFT collections appear, giving collectors the chance to be the first to buy an NFT - a process known as "minting."

One of the key advantages of minting NFTs is that investors can get into a collection as soon as possible. They'll have the best chance of profiting if the NFT collection's value rises once it's listed on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

With the COLLECTOR PASS, you don't have to MINT our new NFTs Collections: We will drop to all Collector Pass holders a new NFT on a monthly average.

Be one of 3.333 people to get access to the collector pass.

Get A CollectorPass

How It Works

With the COLLECTOR PASS, you don't have to MINT our new NFTs Collections: You're not on a premint list or an allowlist, you're not whitelisted: you get a FREE NFT automatically from all next new MonsterArmy NFTs series on a monthly average.


Every CollectorPass Holders will receive automatically:

  • $ALOA Drops
  • MonsterArmy NFTs
CollectorPass Roadmap

Project Roadmap - Q3 2022


CollectorPass NFTs is a collection of 3,333 unique CollectorPass NFTs randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain. Each CollectorPass NFT has unique colors.

$ALOA Drops

ALOA is the ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the ecosystem to empower the decentralized sports athletes and fans community. All CollectorPass holders will get access to airdrops of $ALOA tokens, the ERC-20 token that will power the upcoming MonsterArmy NFT Community Token Platform.

MonsterArmy NFTs Drops

The Collector Pass that Drop to you free MonsterArmy NFTs without MINT & gas fees. With the, you don't have to MINT our new NFTs Collections: We will drop to all Collector Pass a new NFT from new collections on a monthly average.


  • Is it a PREMINT CollectorPass?
    No, it's not a premint collector pass. As a Collector Pass holder, you will have a place reserved for each NFT's collection. You'll receive free MonsterArmy NFTs Drops with the collector pass without any fee like Mint of gas.
  • When are the NFTs Drops?
    We aim to launch each of our NFT collections every month, but we are human, and there can be delays, and the drops may not be on the same day each month. In any case, you will receive an average of 12 NFTs annually. All updates are announced on the site in NEWS and on our Twitter account.
  • Do I have to connect my wallet?
    NEVER! We never ask you to connect your wallet, and we never ask your seed phrase!! If someone asks this, it's a scammer!!
  • How to stay updated?
    We'll announce every detail on Twitter and on our website under NEWS to keep you informed about the drop date. A DROP DAY follows a HOLDER DAY: the holder day is the day we list and check every holder. On the drop day, we'll drop all NFTs to holders.