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Browse via these Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you're a new user of one of the web3 technologies like NFTs, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles.

What is a NFT?

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is a part of the digital asset (image, video, audio...) that lives in the blockchain. Once you purchase an NFT, it belongs to you, and no one will be able to copy or list your NFT, thanks to the decentralized part of the blockchain. You’ll then be ready to trade and sell your NFT.

Is there a whitelist?

Yes, you can be on the whitelist and get a discounted rate from the mint. To be on the list, you have to participate in the WL giveaways on the Twitter account @MonsterArmy_NFT or to be a CollectorPass Holder.

What is On-Chain Generation?

Each MonsterArmy NFT combines different traits (sports, mouth, eyes, body, background, etc...) with varying rarity levels. When you buy MonsterArmy NFT, the blockchain will automatically generate your NFT. We have no control over the final artwork you’ll get, and anyone will have a chance to mint a rare trait.

What is the MonsterArmy Collector Pass?

The Collector Pass that Drop to you free MonsterArmy NFTs without MINT & gas fees. With the COLLECTOR PASS, you don't have to MINT our new NFTs Collections: We will drop to all Collector Pass holders a new NFT from new collections on a monthly average.

What are $ALOA tokens?

MonsterArmy NFTs are the first step in our mission to help sports athletes monetize on the blockchain. We're developing a Community Token Platform that’ll allow any community to vote next steps. MonsterArmy NFTs Holders will be able to buy and trade those $ALOA tokens. Buying a MonsterArmy NFT will get you the chance to be one of the early investors in that project. Each NFT owner will get 1.000 $ALOA tokens when the platform is released.

What is the DAO?

A programmable organization of people with a shared mission and fosters an emergent online sports athletes and fans community. We jointly control a crypto multi-signature wallet, ensuring that its objectives — decided by DAO members — are met. The governance of DAO and their operations are written in smart contracts, consisting of automated if-then statements, making them transparent and auditable.

What about Carbon emissions due to the Ethereum blockchain?

We are partnering up and making donations to offset the CO2 footprint of our NFT collection and make it carbon positive. You can know more here.