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How to Contribute to DAOs?

Published on
June 22, 2022

How to Contribute to DAOs?

Joining a DAO like MonsterArmy is an experience you would enjoy as a tech lover. But joining the organization is as important as joining the right one for you. If you end up in the wrong DAO, you will find it boring and hard to contribute. To make your experience on the Discord smoother, follow the tips listed below.

Decide The Right One

The most important thing about joining any discord is to find out if it suits you. After entering a new discord, please introduce yourself and check out their announcement page to understand what they stand for. You should also check out a few more and compare which one matches your vibe better. Does their rule of interactions suit you well enough? Don't commit too many discords, so keep up with the best ones.

Tips for Interacting

Now that you're in on the Discord of your choice, you need to know the general tips for interacting on any discord. The first tip is to make yourself a friendly member. Join the conversations, post memes, and make friends with other members.

The second tip you should note is to try not to miss live events as much as possible. Every Discord has particular times in a week set aside for live events. You can talk and listen to other members at the live events. This would make the other members see you as a part of them.

The third one is to note the active members on the Discord. The active members are mostly core contributors. You should then message them privately and learn more from them on using Discord better.

Start Contributing

This is where you'll realize why you need to join a discord that suits you better. Your skillset would determine how much you can contribute and how free you are. Some easy tips to be an active member depending on how much time you have are as follows.

The first group of members is the ones that can only make out up to 5 hours. If you're in this group, use these tips. Just make sure you say something about the topics discussed on Discord. Sharing memes is another way to get the attention of other members, so when you share memes, they might also reply with memes, and you'll be known more. Also, take out of your limited time to talk about the community on your social media pages.

The second set of members has only up to 10 hours weekly. Fair enough, 10 hours is enough for you to be an active contributor on any discord. You can do more than the first set of members. These organizations do have different teams assigned to other projects. You can offer to join a team that suits your skills best. You can be in the content creation team or the team responsible for growing the organization and so on. Please find out the team leader that interests you and chat with him.

The last set is for members with more time than the two groups. If you have the time, try to be a team leader. In truth, the most significant chunk of the work in DAOs is done by the group leaders and core contributors. But the more you give to the organization, the more you can gain back. Most organizations have ways you can apply and be a core contributor.  

So, once you've found the right DAO, try to be an active member according to your time using these tips.