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How to Find a DAO to Join

Published on
June 22, 2022

How to Find a DAO to Join

Joining DAOs like MonsterArmy is easy because most do not need permission to enter. What is only essential is that you should be a token contributor, and you'll be a member. For example, you are most likely a member of a DAO if you hold an ERC20 token. And because you don't need permission, you can join without a token, but your opinions might not be counted. The more tokens you contribute, the more you stand to gain in a DAO. Read on to know the step-by-step process of joining them.

Step 1

Before joining any organization, you first need to decide the DAO you would love to be a part of. You can check their online lists to help you make a better decision.

Like different crypto networks and platforms, DAOs are numerous and with different purposes. Some are dedicated to Decentralised Finance (DeFi), and others like future social media like Friends with Benefits (FWB). Some are like NFT clubs. Some are bigger than others, but they usually have deep pockets. You should join an organization that supports your line of proposal.

Step 2

When you have decided on an organization to join, the next thing to look out for in their charters. Every DAO has a reason behind its creation which shows in the rules guiding their activities. Reading the charter would make your mind clearer about whether you are in the proper organization for you. In the charter, you'll learn all about their rules and their procedures.

Step 3

So, after reading the organization's charter, you'll have decided entirely if you want to join. If your answer is yes and you want to join, introduce yourself after joining the chat. You can join most of the conversations with Telegram, but Discord is more used.

Step 4

The chat platforms are not yet fully developed, but the more you interact on the platform, the better it would be for you. Follow up on the conversations made there so you won't miss your opportunity to propose your idea.

Step 5

You would enjoy being in the community's chat but don't forget your main reason for joining. It would help if you started drafting your proposal from the moment you become a member; have it in mind that any investment can be proposed. While building your proposal, don't forget to make sure they go in line with the rules in the charter.

Step 6

Everybody in the community can chat, but to make yourself a formal member, you need to purchase the necessary token in the organization. The token required in this process is usually listed in the charter. How many tokens you have equals how much say you have. You can buy the needed token from any Ethereum platform and send it to the MetaMask wallet. Then link your wallet to Uniswap to change it to the token you need.

Step 7

After taking all the necessary steps, you should submit your proposal according to its charter. Congratulations on being a formal member of a DAO with voting and proposal rights.